POSTERIZA is a program to enlarge images in order to print posters
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POSTERIZA is a program to enlarge images in order to print giant posters.
Starting with a simple image file (BMP, JPEG, PNG, EMF or GIF), you can print posters any size you want, using any Windows printer, with any paper supported by your printer (A4, A3, Folio, Letter, etc).

You will be able to use any font installed in your system for text.

You can make your own poster following four easy steps.

First, you have to write the text you want to include, if any. You can include up to four lines of text, with the size, font and color you want. Pressing "Apply" will put the text on the poster.

Then, you can choose the image you want in the background. You can instruct the program not to deform the image when enlarging it.

You will then be able to choose a border, setting the desired design and with. You can also decide if you want to print crop marks (recommended).

Then, to finalize the work, you can tell the program the size you want for the output. You will do this setting how many pages, in which size, you want it to have.

You´re ready to print the poster or save it in Posteriza´s proprietary format for later.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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